Next show announcement! June 22nd at Hotel Utah (SF)

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Join us for a great night of local rock n roll at one of our favorite haunts: Hotel Utah. [Click for FB event]. It’s a cozy, old-school dive bar and great-sounding venue. Since our practice space is nearby, we’ll typically meet there for beer before and sometimes even after practice. We’re proud to have made friends with some of the staff there and lucky for us they put up with our shit.

We are playing with two exceptional bands that we’re pals with. In fact, the drummer for The Laytcomers, John Lee, played with The Family Flaw for quite a spell.

However, it’s with mixed emotions that we announce our last show with Stephen. He’s taken a bad-ass job in a neighboring state. In honor of Stephen, we present the following picture from our SF Bay boat show:


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, June 22nd!